Encyclopedia of Islands

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Jamaica (11,424 km2) is much smaller than Cuba and Hispaniola, but the island has high mountain areas (the Blue Mountains rise to 2256 m) and significant habitat diversity, including semi-desert areas. After the Middle Eocene, Jamaica was completely submerged. It was once again fully above sea level in the Middle Miocene, about 16 million years ago, thus making the island biologically the youngest of the Greater Antilles based on current (extant) biota. The submerged platform forming the base of Jamaica is narrow, and as a result, unlike Cuba or Hispaniola, the island has few offshore cays and islands that form disjunct ecosystems.

As a consequence, Jamaica has much less biodiversity than either Cuba or Hispaniola. The Seven Rivers vertebrate site in west central Jamaica (15 km south of Montego Bay) is of late Early or early Middle Eocene age. This site has produced the remains of many aquatic vertebrates, including the earliest known fully quadrupedal sea cow (sirenian), Pezosiren portelli.

The site also produced the remains (right dentary) of a large rhinoceros-like perissodactyl (Hyrachys sp.). The specimen is important because it is unlikely that such a terrestrial mammal as a rhinoceros could have dispersed to Jamaica across a broad open-water area, making it likely that Jamaica had a land bridge connection with North America at the time the rhino dispersed to the island.


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